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Girl Henry Rollins, who has always lived in haunted houses and now guides ghost tours in Salem, Massachusetts, sees bizarre interplanar creatures such as pukwudgies and shadow people in sepia tones.

Episode Summary: What are interplanar creatures?

Not everything in the shadows is a ghost. Sometimes, we see things that we know in our bones were never human. Strange creatures that flit just beyond our periphery, and make scratching sounds in the night.

Our guest today repeatedly sees entities of a different nature. Are they creatures poking in from another dimension? And if so, can they see us back? We’ll let you decide after you hear her stories. Today, on Homespun Haints.

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About the Guest, Girl Henry Rollins

Girl Henry Rollins, who encountered a pukwudgie in her backyard.
Girl Henry Rollins, historian and tour guide in Salem, Massachusetts

You can find Amber leading the Haunted Footsteps ghost tour through Salem Historical Tours. If you’re not in MA, follow her on TikTok @girlhenryrollins or on IG @girlhenryrollins, where she is mean to fascists between fun spooky posts. You can also follow her official tour guide account at @salemuncensored.

Show Notes

Broad Street Cemetery

What were the spindly beings blowing in the wind at the Broad Street Cemetery? Our guest thinks the reason all the paranormal creatures she sees are sepia shades of brown and tan is because she can only partially perceive them from this dimension. She described shadow people as protrusions into our dimension.

Did Amber see a Pukwudgie?

What’s short, hairy, has hunched shoulders, a flat head, and wants the kids to get off his damn lawn? The word “Pukwudgie” literally translates to “Person of the wilderness.” These creatures appear in Wampanoag, Ojibwe, and Lenape folklore, and from other indigenous people of northeastern North America.

What is a Pukwudgie? Pukwudgies are about two- to three-feet high, can shape-shift, and tend to be mischievous. Many people of all backgrounds, from the east coast to Indiana, claim to have encounters with these strange, troll-like creatures. Once friendly to humans, these fae folk now harbor resentment toward mankind and should best be left alone.

The Legend of Goatman

There are so many urban legends that apply to specific geographic regions. The thing about Goatman (not to be confused with the Hat Man, another spooky interplanar creature) that fascinated us the most is just how many of the Parker, AZ, locals apparently truly believe in his existence. The documentary referenced in this episode, ‘Goatman: Search for the Legend,’ was produced in 2010 by Hemet Productions. You can watch it for yourself on YouTube. The surprising number of comments on YouTube for a niche video with only just over 350 views as of this writing shows just how interested people are in this Goatman. In 2013, another film was released titled Legend of The Goatman.

Have you seen a local legend?

Have you seen a pukwudgie? Or, have you seen Goatman? What about Double Dog? Or, is there another legendary interplanar creature skulking around your neck of the woods on these dark, long nights? Share with the class, by joining us in our Facebook group. Or, submit to tell your story in a Homespun Haints interview. Either way, you’ll have a spooky day!