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Have you seen the hat man?

He shows up without a sound, and only appears when it’s pitch black. He wears a hat and has a cape or coat about his shoulders. No one knows why he comes, or where he’ll show up.

Today on Homespun Haints, after we talk to Marjorie, you yourself might ask: who is the hat man? And, have you seen the hatman? 

Episode Show Notes

Who is the Hatman?

Hatmen, or shadow people, have been documented all over the world, yet they remain a complete mystery.

This uninvited shadowed stranger even appears in Netflix’s series The Haunting of Hill House. Or, at least, he’s referenced. Want to learn more? Of course you do. Check out this article (if you dare).

For some images of this phenomenon caught on camera, and for information about support groups for those who have encountered this traumatizing presence, check out the Hatman Project.

You can also find some interesting information and pictures at the older site of Shadow People archives.


Marjorie says the hat man looks a little like Nosferatu. Well, that’s not particularly comforting. After all, the iconic vampire villain, played by Max Schreck in the 1921 silent film, is still surrounded in mystery and intrigue. Where did these legends come from? Was Max Schreck really a vampire himself? Why were most original copies of the movie burned? Find these answers and more in this Mental Floss article.

Our guest Marjorie also says the hat man looks like a cross between Max Schreck and Gabriel Byrne from Miller’s Crossing. We’ll let you mentally put that one together yourself.

Thoroughly spooked yet? So are we! Until next time, have a spooky day!


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