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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the nonfiction, paranormal, scary ghost stories podcast with a personal twist! Today, we talk to Whitney, a historian and paranormal investigator who has quite a few stories to tell from her home near Richmond, Virginia.

Episode Summary

It’s pretty obvious after talking to Whitney for a little while that she is quite sensitive to ghosts. She feels them, she hears them, and she also seeks them out in the historical and investigative work that she does. However, she begins her interview by telling us about one of her first encounters, when she heard her late father walking through her home shortly after his funeral. From there, she tells a plethora of true ghost stories about the other encounters she has had since.

About Whitney

Whitney used to each English in South Korea, where she met her husband. Now, when she’s not doing paranormal investigating with Shadow Walkers Paranormal or the Tennessee Wraith-Chasers, Whitney works at The Valentine Museum in Richmond, VA, and gives haunted history tours with the Ashland Haunted History Tours (founded by Red Vein).

Whitney’s novella, The Safe Room (Broken Roses) is now available for purchase for Kindle and paperback.

scary ghost stories
Whitney, who told her own real ghost stories as our guest for Episode 52

Episode Show Notes

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Paranormal Amplifiers

Do rivers that flow over a bed of limestone or granite create “battery power” for hauntings?

The Stone Tape Theory posits that certain kinds of stones can somehow record emotions and memories, and play them back as residual hauntings. Plus, we’ve heard from different paranormal investigators that areas with flowing water tend to be more haunted than average. One could surmise that a combination of the two, like a limestone riverbed, would inevitably display some paranormal phenomena.

What is an Elemental?

Elementals, as Whitney explains, are paranormal entities that are of the earth. They are not the remnants of humans because they never were human, but they are considered spirits of a sort.

Some sources say Elementals can be anything from faeries to unicorns, mermaids to leprechauns. In fact, some of the creatures we heard about in our interview with Sapphire Sandalo where she discusses Manananggal, Duwende, and Endkanto, could be considered Elementals.

The theory posited by the alchemist Paracelsus states that there are four types of Elements, and each of these pertains to one of the four classic elements. Gnomes are Earth, Undines (or mermaids) are Water, Sylphs are Air, and Salamanders are Fire. Human beings embody the fifth element.

Until next time, have a spooky day!