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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the storytelling podcast about ghosts where we interview people who have witnessed something paranormal! Today’s guest, Shawnna, is a fellow podcaster: she and her co-host Kristel host The Round Room, an oc-culture podcast. If you like your spooky paranormal with a side of true crime, go check it out.

Episode Summary

Shawnna has always been sensitive to specters, as she learned from living in 2 haunted houses in Detroit as a kid. But none of that could’ve prepared her for the truly bizarre experience she and some girlfriends had one eerie night while attempting some light ghost summoning in the Indiana woods. Imagine yourself in the car with them, that night at the bridge…what would YOU have done, if you’d suddenly realized there was a fifth girl who wanted a ride, and she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer? Would you see this podcast episode’s story as evidence of ghost existence?

In today’s episode, a carload of spooked teen girls encounter odd apparitions in the dark Indiana woods, including a naked cowboy (ghost?), a forlorn dog, and a dead hitchhiker.

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Episode Show Notes

About Shawnna

Shawnna’s own podcast, The Round Room, explores many of the same topics as our own. Listen as she and her co-host explore various true crime and paranormal cases with a large dash of irreverence. Some of these stories you won’t find anywhere else but on this podcast, so it’s worth a listen! You can follow them on Instagram @theroundroom or listen to the podcast here.

irreverent paranormal podcasts about ghost evidence and true crime
Shawnna, co-host of The Round Room podcast


The Edna Collings Bridge

Shawnna had heard the story of the Edna Collings Bridge deep in the dark Greencastle, Indiana woods, where little Edna and her dog are still waiting for her parents to pick them up after swimming. She wasn’t so sure she believed the urban legends surrounding this spooky landmark. But sometimes (like this time), the first-hand experience is more shocking than the hype! Would you honk 3 times?

Until next time, beware of hitchhiking ghosts, and have a spooky day!


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