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Do you want to experience some hair-raising chills told by people just like you? Do you have a paranormal experience you’d like to talk about on the show?

Are you a good storyteller? Do you like listening to stories?

Then fire up the oven and pour some grease into that cornbread skillet, because our podcast—and all of the ghosts within—arrive in July.

Why does this podcast premier in July you ask? Shouldn’t these things come in the fall, along with pumpkins and hay rides and haunted corn mazes? No, no, my friend. Where we’re from, the ghosts don’t have any particular holiday. They stick around all year, like canned beets or unfinished quilts.

As do the chills these stories produce. A good tale sends shivers down the spine not just once. Homespun Haints promises to deliver those shivers, those chills, those creepy, ghostly vibes. All. Year. Long.

But before this podcast premiers, we need your stories. We’re now accepting submissions for all 2019 content, and you can upload it now on our submissions page. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines before you hit Submit.

You don’t have a ghost story but you love hearing about them? Then, my friend, we look forward to regaling you with creepy encounters when the podcast premiers. Already, we’ve heard stories from haunted homes, hotels, and objects, as well as the goings-on in a haunted art gallery, an impromptu visit from a legion of demons, and children who see ghosts. And we’re just getting started.

Before the premier, you can start following us on Instagram or Facebook and join the community of like-minded chill-seekers.

We look forward to meeting you in July!