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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the best paranormal podcast to listen to if you’re in the mood to be awed by some real haunted apartment stories. And laugh at some random silliness. Today we interview Kerry Blu, a musician, songwriter, and teacher out of Queens, NY.

Kerry’s Haunted Apartment

Hey, you’re into the paranormal, right? Did you happen to read the NYT article “Quarantining with a Ghost? It’s Scary“? Yeah, this is THAT Kerry, sharing his real haunted apartment stories with us. Oh, and remember our last guest, Sarah? Yeah, this is THAT apartment! Kerry goes even more in-depth about his own encounter with the same ghost in Sarah’s creepy Queens apartment. But this time, it’s from Kerry’s own unique point of view. He has no regrets about living in a haunted apartment during quarantine, except maybe wishing he’d tried harder to befriend the ghost he met there.

Along with his true haunted apartment stories, Kerry shares some sage advice about sharing space with—and getting along with—spirits. Also, he muses about why some spirits remain behind, and the mysteries of spirit-human communication.

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Episode Show Notes

About Kerry Blu

Kerry Blu, with real haunted apartment stories
Musician and songwriter Kerry Blu

Kerry is a songwriter and “rapclectic soul” musician who crafts and performs poignant songs about equality, COVID lockdown stress, and more. His new single, “Think,” already has over 62,000 downloads as of this interview, and not just because it features a cute cat in the lyric video. He founded and curates a music festival in NYC—the Empire State Music and Arts Festival—and in Charlotte, NC–the Queen City Empire Music Festival. You can listen to his music on Spotify @kblumusic, read more about him on his website at kblumusic.org, and explore his different projects through Linktr.ee. Keep up with his announcements on Twitter and Facebook.

We met Kerry through Alexandra Cohl of POD.DRALAND and The Pod Broads. Thanks, Alexandra!

Does a green glow represent anything important?

Both Kerry and Sarah emphasized the greenness of the spirit they both encountered…but what does that mean? According to everydayknow.com, green orbs represent actual humans that have lived and died, visiting with the intent of bringing love and/or happiness, or medicine and/or healing. That does kind of fit with Kerry’s encounter, don’t you think?

Can a poltergeist encounter affect one’s memory?

Well, Wikipedia blames purported poltergeist activity on memory lapses, so perhaps sometimes it’s the other way around. And, we’ve heard stories from both our former guests Sapphire and Erin about people having no memory of supernatural encounters, even though everyone around them saw the effects of the ghosts themselves. What do you think?

Until next time, have a spooky day!