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Welcome to Homespun Haints, a podcast for telling the paranormal experiences of everyday folks, including real stories about demons. Today on the show we interview MR Gorga, author of the book Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories of the Paranormal, which has been climbing the charts as a #1 new release in multiple categories on Amazon.

Episode Summary

You’re never alone if you have demons. And boy, does today’s guest know it. Ever since MR embraced Christianity, he feels like he’s been a target for all kinds of sinister entities (so much so that he filled a book with his experiences), from unseen forces to his own experience with what we can only describe as another manifestation of Sidetable Man (although this time dressed as Shadow Weaver).

Episode Show Notes

About MR Gorga

MR Gorga is an author of paranormal horror. He has been a professional writer for over twenty years, both as a journalist and as a copywriter. But Gorga’s newest work is a book where he catalogs his multiple experiences and real stories of demon encounters, along with the first documented case of demonic possession. You can find his books for sale here.

Image of MR Gorga
MR Gorga, author of Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories of the Paranormal

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Real Stories About Demons

The cover of Gorga’s book depicts the entity that he describes to us on this episode. The description seems very similar to the entity that our guest Jonas encountered in our Season 2 opener, Sidetable Man Don’t Eat Me! What do you think? Could it be the same demon?

Book cover of Demons Among Us by MR Gorga depicting the demon that Gorga encountered.
The cover of MR Gorga’s book Demons Among Us: Shocking Real-Life Stories of the Paranormals

Episode References

Are demons physical or psychic in nature?

When we say someone “has demons,” we refer to the psychic weight of regrets, remorse, guilt, shame, and other emotions we think of as negative. These emotions haunt that person long after the acts which caused them have been committed and the consequences played out. Yet religious writings often imply that a demon has a corporeal form. Sometimes witnesses actually see demons or encounter them physically, and sometimes they manifest, Gorga tells us, as a paralyzing dread, inexplicable hatred, or an inebriating sense of power.

Are ghosts just demons in disguise?

Gorga believes (and some of our other guests have concurred) that when people see “ghosts,” they’re actually seeing demons pretending to be something more harmless. By this logic, all ghost stories are actually real stories about demons. This reminds us of the story of the entity that possessed Annabelle the doll, who gained the trust and pity of the doll’s owner by pretending to be a sad ghost girl. The entity then revealed her true evil nature after the doll’s owner granted permission for her to inhabit the doll. Do you think belief in ghosts, demons, or a little of both is dependent on the teachings of one’s religion? How do you weigh in on the debate?

Why are the residents of New Jersey SO plagued by the paranormal?

When we started this podcast, we expected most of our ghost stories to come out of the American South. But some of the weirdest stories we’ve heard have come from the Garden State. If you have a real demon story from New Jersey, please submit it to tell on the podcast. Until then, have a spooky day!