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Dark room photography took a new twist for a young college student when a scary demon tried to grope her in the pale, red light in the middle of the night as she worked. It was finals week, so she had no choice but to continue to edit her projects for hours on end as this strange thing—scary ghost or demon, we don’t know—kept tormenting her. When she finally collapsed into bed, hours later, it followed her home and tried to pin her down. Incubus demon perhaps?

This is not some made-up tale, but part of a plethora of true, scary ghost stories told by the very photographer who experienced them. Hear how this brave woman purchased a haunted condo in Florida, drove through a ghost, and experienced several other paranormal events years after her encounter with the scary demon in the darkroom. Plus, she gives us a little bit of an astral projection guide because she knows how to do that, too.

We listened to her true ghost stories, our mouths agape, as she relayed one experience after another. And you can listen too. Today, on Homespun Haints.

Episode Show Notes

Haunted Pennsylvania: Do home sellers need to disclose a house’s paranormal activity?

If you’re trying to sell a haunted house in Pennsylvania, it looks like you may be in luck. You are actually NOT required by law to disclose a home’s haunted status. But, there’s nothing saying you can’t let potential homebuyers know about a home’s unearthly residents. Avallone Law Associates explain more in this blog post, and you can read an article about a home that gained interest when it advertised itself as “slightly haunted.”

Some states, however, do require disclosure if a house is known to be haunted.

And, while we’re at it, have you been seeing those “Not haunted” signs on top of real estate listings? We think it might have started in Texas. I guess it’s important to check that the house really isn’t haunted, though, before making an affirmation like that!

The haunted castle at Arcadia University

Kamila attended a school she knew to be haunted. The campus is a castle. Its grounds sit next to an old cemetery. The art department is in the old stables, where a murder has occurred. What could possibly go wrong?

And what about sleep paralysis and astral projection?

Oh yeah, almost as an aside, Kamila tells us of her adventures astral projecting. In this article about sleep paralysis from a scientific perspective, there’s some interesting information about the history of this phenomenon in different cultures. However, what’s really juicy are people’s reactions in the comment section.

If you’d like a real astral projection guide, however, check out this blog post from a medium who explains exactly how to do it.

Until next time, have a spooky day!