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Something has been following Samantha for years (and it’s been giving her a lot of fodder for scary Christmas stories), but she’s still trying to figure out what; a poltergeist, a haunted doll, a brownie, a shadow person, or all of the above?

Episode Summary

Nothing is more terrifying than Christmas. For Samantha, this darkest time of year brings objects moving on their own, phantoms banging on the walls, and a particular Christmas doll that wrecks untold havoc.

Why is this the time of year more scary than merry for Samantha? Maybe you can decipher the mystery. Today, on Homespun Haints.

The Haunted Santa

Our guest, Samantha, graciously pulled this haunted little guy out of storage so you could have these photos. She actually did it twice because, well, the first time all the photos mysteriously went missing.

Please let us know if the photos disappear from this webpage at any point in the future. If not, enjoy these creepy Santa pictures!

The haunted doll featured in these scary Christmas stories
The haunted Santa
A closeup of the face of scary Christmas doll of Santa
He sees you when you’re sleeping…

Kitty Kitty Kittens!

If you’re our age, we are guessing you remember the exuberant commercials for this adorable Tyco toy. This stuffed kitten doll made the top of Diana’s Christmas list, and when she unwrapped it she fell in love scary fast. Unlike all her other kitten dolls, this one purred! But it wasn’t electronic. It had a marble in its head. So as you tilted the toy back and forth, the marble rattled around to mimic a purring sound. Swoon! Hey, it was simpler times. Diana’s Kitty Kitty Kitten was the himalayan cat one, and she named it Sushi.

What is Parasomnia

We’ve talked to a lot of people with parasomnias. Parasomnia describes something that you do involuntarily Aside from the classic, ever-spooky sleep paralysis, examples of parasomnias include things like night terrors, somnambulism (sleepwalking), severe nightmares, talking in your sleep, and sleep-related abnormal eating.

Should you make friends with a haunted doll?

Samantha’s guests ask her why she keeps moving the creepy Santa doll in her bathroom…but she isn’t. She can’t get rid of the doll, since her mom would object. She tried placating him with a snack, which usually seems to work with Santa Claus…thus the milk and cookies, right? But nothing seemed to help quell the doll’s creepy behavior until she made friends with it. But there’s one thing Samantha’s sure of; she’s not going to let it terrorize the next generation of her family. Becky has a little too much experience making friends with haunted dolls. People are constantly giving them to her against her wishes. Fortunately, she’s been a lot less possessed since she no longer possesses any more possessed dolls…because she’s selling these haunted dolls on Etsy now, so you can possess them!

This scary Christmas story episode made us want to be nice

…But we are probably going to be naughty despite our best efforts. After all, we can’t seem to stop attracting haunted dolls. But you, dear Hainted Loves, you still have potential. Be good for goodness’ sake, or you’re gonna have a spooky holiday!