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We know that encountering ghosts on the daily is very difficult. But what is also hard is running a business–even if it’s a creatively spooky business.

Today, we shift our focus toward the nuts and bolts of running a successful enterprise with a goth, macabre bent. Our guests, Matt and Meredith, founded Boredwalk as a way to create quality designs with a dark sense of humor. Hear their stories, today, on Homespun Haints.

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About the guests, Matt and Meredith of Boredwalk

From their website, “[Matt Snow and Meredith Erin] are creative partners and life partners. The two met in Washington, DC in 2004 and married in 2009. When they’re not designing products for Boredwalk Matt and Meredith enjoy live comedy, road trips, low brow art, cocktails, B movies, trading “dad jokes”, cooking vegan food, and snuggling with their cat. For a more business-y “deep dive” into Boredwalk, you can learn more at My Brand Journey.”

The company aesthetic is suitable for those of us who only wear black, have a macabre sense of humor, and/or feel like this doomed world is hopelessly on fire so we might as well laugh about it. Becky and her tween daughter love Boredwalk’s Grievance Journal as part of their funny dark self-help practice. For an IV drip of their dark humor, listen to the Boredwalk Podcast, and follow them on Twitter or YouTube.

Becky loves her Boredwalk merch

What’s this about another spooky business from yours trulies?

Not only have we interviewed other goth business owners on the show, we play goth business owners IRL. Long before we designed, built, wrote, and optimized this website, Becky formed her own web design company: The Concept Spot. Creating this website together has rekindled Becky’s passion for web design, just as it provided her with her new favorite coworker. Get the full scoop here.