Jonas tells us his real-life horror stories about several strange experiences in multiple haunted houses.

Episode Summary

If you saw a diminutive rotting corpse eating out of a brown paper bag on your nightstand, how would you react? Would you attack a snake ghost in your buddy’s house? And would your girlfriend’s grandfather’s ghost be enough reason for you to consider breaking up?

Find out how Jonas reacted to all of these crazy situations in our Season 2 premier.

Episode Show Notes

Be sure to listen to the episode above to know what the hell we’re talking about with these show notes (cause this episode’s pretty weird).

Snakes and the trope of temptation

The ghost snake in our episode appeared to be going after Jonas’s friend, who was working through his own demons of addiction at the time. Was the snake representative of the ancient associations with temptation and vice?

In Judaism and Christianity, Genesis tells the story of a snake approaching Eve and tempts her to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. But the association is not only in the Bible; Hinduism also has its own associations between snakes and vice.

Insomnia and Sleepwalking

Jonas isn’t our first guest to suffer from sleep disorders. In fact, we’re starting to see a common theme between people who suffer from insomnia and the ability to see ghosts. One would almost attribute these sightings to sleep-deprivation-induced hallucinations were it not for others seeing these things as well.

Jonas in particular links his sleep issues to excessive work, and he’s not alone. This is actually a thing and it’s been studied at length. But working too much isn’t the only way sleep interferes with his life. Sleep deprivation can lead to other things, such as sleep walking. Jonas talks at length about how he dreams and how his body stays awake while his mind is asleep, leading to some very interesting, scary experiences.

Our strangest episode yet

This is, by far, the strangest episode we’ve put out yet. And we’ve got some very odd ones already in Season 1 (such as Dennis the Demon and The Woman Who Lived in a Cemetery) in addition to scary ones (like Have you Seen the Hat Man?). Do you agree? If not, what would you say has been the oddest episode yet on our increasingly strange paranormal podcast? Please let us know in our Facebook group, and we can all have a spooky day!