March may be the start of spring, but it’s full of spooky holidays. Check out our list of how to keep the scares coming as the days grow longer.

Holidays covered: International Rescue Cat Day, International Women’s Day, Barbie Day, Pi Day, and St. Patrick’s Day

NOTE: All images below are created by our Executive Ghost Wrangler and Assistant Editor, Amber. Feel free to download and share these images, and let people know where you found them!

March 2: International Rescue Cat Day

At Homespun Haints, we LOVE our rescue kitties (even if one of them recently destroyed our upstairs carpet). Celebrate this day by donating to your local shelter, fostering a cat, or becoming a forever home for a kitty in need.

Dapper cat painting for International Rescue Cat Day
A dapper cat
Black cat painting for International Rescue Cat Day
Black cats are the most difficult to home because of superstitions. But we think black cats are purr-fect!

Spooky March 8: International Women’s Day

All of March may be Women’s History Month, but March 8 holds a special place in the world. In celebration of this day, we present to you an alternate reality where the term “final girl” takes on a whole new meaning.

if Pennywise were female she'd look like this.
Penny floats, too
Pinhead from Hellraiser as a woman
A very pretty cenobite
Chucky as a girl
Wanna play?
A terrifying extra-terrestrial alien made up to look pretty
The queen of the galaxy
Michael Moore as a woman
It’s Michaela!
Jason as a woman
Jason’s got your number

March 9: Barbie Day

Yes, yes, it is scary isn’t it? Luckily, we’ve created these terrifying 11.5″ doll images to soothe your dark soul and make March extra spooky.

a goth Barbie
Goth Barbie has a fantastic makeup artist
a goth Barbie
Hey goth Barbie, let’s go party!
a goth Barbie
Goth and sweet with plastic underneath

March 14: Pi Day

What’s so scary about Pi Day you might ask? Well, it all depends on what’s in the pie! May your pie runneth over with forbidden fruits!

Spooky March has spooky Pi Day!
You’ll probably want to fig-ure out what’s in your pi before you eat it!

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know the holiday of Halloween (Samhain, pronounced sou – when) came from Ireland? No wonder these leprechauns look so scary!

spooky leprechaun
Spooky March leprechaun
spooky March leprechaun
What will you do for that pot of gold?

As time goes by we’ll be adding more images to our website. Until next time, have a spooky day!