Tammie and Brice of Hollyweird Paranormal tell us about the creepy thing that lurks on their haunted Hollywood campus, and explain why it’s probably not the ghost of Charlie Chaplin. Although he’s there, too.

Episode Summary

Hollywood, California; a neighborhood full of energy, dreams, celebrities, music, ghosts, and hauntings. Hollyweird Paranormal podcast hosts Tammie Merheb-Chavez and Brice Mitchell Williams seek out and report on the unusual amongst the legendary in this famous section of the world because they have some pretty freaky ghost encounters of their own.

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Episode Show Notes

About the Guests, Hollyweird Paranormal Hosts

Tammie Merheb-Chavez is a costume-designer and a native of New Orleans. Check out her independent podcast Ghostland on the Paramormal Network for more music, murder and paranormal stories of LA.

Brice Mitchell Williams is an optimistically skeptical yet scaredy-cat Midwestern actor. His independent IG handle is @thesmirkingassassin.

Both moved to LA about a decade ago. After meeting at a haunted acting academy just around the block from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the pair bonded over their similar inexplicable spooky life experiences and severe coffee addictions. And the result is the Hollyweird Paranormal True Crime and Paranormal podcast. You can follow their collaborative work on TikTok, IG and FB @hollyweirdparanormal, or Twitter @hwppodcast.

Tammie Merheb-Chavez & Brice Mitchell Williams of Hollyweird Paranormal

Tammie’s haunted New Orleans story

Before moving to L.A., Tammie lived in New Orleans. Hear her spooky ghost story from her time there in our special bonus episode!

Stories of haunted Hollywood from their show that they mentioned on this episode of our show

Want to start listening to Hollyweird Paranormal Podcast, but not a start-at-the-beginning kind of person? Why not start with the episodes they spoke about on the show you are currently reading about?

Check out their Braken Fern Manor investigation with OC Ghosts and Legends, where Tammie challenged a mysterious translucent figure to a ghost dance battle. Then head over to the infamous haunted Oman house, where the ghosts knew Brice was scared of them. Finish by speculating if Tammie and Brice really do work with the ghost of Charlie Chaplin.

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Have you been haunted in Hollywood, CA?

Los Angeles has so much history, experienced by so many souls. As Becky says, every theater is haunted. And isn’t it the dream of every aspiring screen actor to become immortal?

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Until next time, have a spooky day!