On this scary Halloween podcast episode, Stephanie Long tells one of our best real ghost stories yet about strange and bizarre paranormal encounters that happen in basements. Take a listen to the episode. And then, let us know what YOU think she saw on the ceiling of her basement bedroom.

Episode Summary

On this podcast, we interview many people who have seen ghosts and other scary paranormal critters. And there have been a significant portion of those people who have seen—something—with glowing red eyes.

Our guest, Stephanie, was in a dark place when saw dozens of entities surrounding her bed, all with the same glowing red eyes. These creatures were so numerous they blocked out the sunlight that would have been streaming into her room. Did the eyes indicate something evil? Or could they have meant something else?

If you’d like to listen to some of our best scary Halloween podcast episodes that this episode reminded us of, check out Episode 45: Charlie Punched a Ghost or Episode 58: You Can’t See its Mouth but you Know it’s Grinning.

Episode Promo

Our episode promo is from The Mindless Morning Show, a hilarious and irreverent show that we’ve been guests on! Update: we interviewed these guys in season 4!

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About Stephanie Long

Stephanie Long is the owner of the fabulous Stephanie Marie Marketing, and our personal SEO maven. If you have a website, you seriously need to track her down! Follow her for great marketing tips and updates on Linkedin and IG.

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Horror movies and haunted attractions: love ’em or hate ’em?

Even Stephanie’s best friends who love ghost stories are too scared to watch movies about ghosts or listen to scary podcasts or go to haunted Halloween attractions with her. Conversely, we love being so scared we pee ourselves, at least in controlled situations. Where do you stand on the spectrum, from scaredy cat to scream queen? Let us know in our private Facebook group that you absolutely should be a part of if you aren’t already.

We hope we’ve provided the best scary Halloween podcast experience you’ve had so far in 2021!

And stay tuned; it’s just going to get even more Halloweeny from here until October 31st. We really appreciate all our listeners…Homespinnerets…Hainters…Hainted Loves? Oh, that reminds us, don’t forget to get on our social and vote for a cute spooky nickname for yourselves, our beloved clair-audience. After all, you’re the best part of doing this scary podcast. We appreciate you, by any name! Until next time, have a spooky day!