Meet Jason, a fellow collector of ghost stories! If you’re a creepy cat planning a trip to the arguably extremely haunted Charlotte, North Carolina, Spooky CLT is your one-stop resource for the creepiest places in town. Listen in as Jason shares some insider knowledge about the best haunts in Charlotte, including his curated haunted pub crawl and plans for a haunted honeymoon! Click on the play button below to listen.

The H Files

Welcome to The H Files: a limited-run miniseries where we delve deep into the folklore and science behind ghostly sightings and urban legends. This series began September 1 and will run every other Tuesday until November. If you would like to discuss anything you hear on the episode, please reach out to us in our Facebook Group or through Instagram.

Episode Show Notes

Process Drawing of Ghostly Bellhop

What is The Hungry Ghost?

We mention the Hungry Ghost Festival briefly before the interview, and if you’re wondering what the hell that is, please check out this adorable and informative video.

Haunted Charlotte References

Charlotte may have been more important in America’s history than we thought, too. Today’s guest considers himself both an aficionado of the paranormal and an amateur historian, and he is on a mission to expand appreciation for Charlotte’s rich and varied history, ghostly or otherwise.

Jason has been working with the local press to tell the story of the most haunted apartments in Charlotte.

While enjoying some local craft beers, many paranormal enthusiasts visiting haunted Charlotte end up at lake Norman, trying to spot Normie the cryptid. These folks have succeeded.

And if you’re hoping to be haunted overnight during your stay, you may want to check out the Dunhill Hotel…their ghost is so active, he has his own Instagram. Remember, this isn’t the only haunted hotel we’ve heard about. If you’re planning a spooky road trip exploring the paranormal folklore of the Southern US, make sure you stay at one of the most haunted hotels to have a spooky day.