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Matthew shares a terrifying paranormal story about something—or someone—in his home. Whatever it is, it messes with electronics, moves items around the house, and sometimes calls Matthew by name. The children who have seen it describe it as a man, who stands at their bedside, and cries at night. 

The thing is, Matthew thinks he knows who the crying man is.

Episode Show Notes

About the guest: Matthew Plotner

Matthew Plotner is the host of That Anger Management Crap podcast, which he started after running his own state-certified FVIP and anger management class.

Toys that come on by themselves

Stories of haunted homes are full of accounts of battery-operated toys that come to life—when no batteries are present. This happens in Matthew’s home, just as it happened to Amy, who lived in Hollywood Cemetery.

So, just how common is it to have haunted toys come to life in your home? According to this Reddit thread, it seems to happen a lot with Furbies. Personally, I (Becky) like those little Furby buggers since I did the illustrations for their design patent back in 2005 and I know EXACTLY what they look like on the inside. But, if one randomly started talking to me I’d probably drown it in the pool or something, too.

If you want to see something truly amazing (scary) with Furbies, check out Look Mum No Computer’s Furby organ (you’re welcome).

Ghostly footsteps in the home

If you do hear footsteps in the home as discussed in this episode, congratulations—you have experienced a classic, and common, paranormal encounter. According to Amanda Linette Meder, most ghosts don’t expect you to be able to hear them when they’re tromping around your home.

They may be willing to leave, however, once they know that you know they’re there. She suggests trying to guide the ghostly intruder out a door. Once the spirit is gone, you can clear its icky energy and keep it from coming back with regular cleansing rituals such as saging. Or, you can do what a lot of people do and just move.

Ghosts of Workplace Tragedies

Matthew’s second story tells of something strange that appeared while he worked third shift at an aluminum plant in Georgia. Workplace accidents have become woven into the fabric of industrialization, and we are all schooled on some of the most famous tragedies of the last two centuries.

However, workplace accidents in plants and factories are more commonplace than many might realize. In my home town of Kingsport, TN, our local chemical plant exploded often enough that, during the few times we experienced earthquakes, we just assumed it was the plant blowing up again.

The most recent explosion occurred on October 4, 2017, which happened to be the same day the plant blew up in 1960. So, it’s easy to believe that Matthew’s employer, which has been in business since the 1930s, has its own share of tragedies…and ghosts.

Thank you for listening to these terrifying stories of paranormal activity with us. We couldn’t help but be reminded of the Hat Man when we heard it, how about you? Until next time, have a spooky day!