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Welcome to the Homespun Haints podcast, where we try to put together the best paranormal podcast episodes by interviewing guests who’ve seen ghosts! In this interview, one of our best paranormal podcast episodes from early days, a ghost hunter who is part of an all-women investigative team talks about some of the ghosts she has caught on camera, on voice recorder, and seen and felt first-hand in the haunted American locations she’s explored.

Listen to this podcast episode now:

Episode Summary of Our Paranormal Podcasts

If this episode of our best paranormal podcasts, we heard Dr. Kristy Sumner, of Soul Sisters Paranormal, tell us spooky stories about some of her personal experiences in haunted places she’s investigated.

About Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal

Kristy and her team are expert paranormal investigators (not just plain weird goofballs like us). They have documented many real life ghost stories and supernatural experiences during their paranormal investigations. Kristy works closely with Ghost Biker Miranda, who told us chilling tales about the phantom monk of Tennessee.

You can find out more about Kristy’s team on their website at soulsistersparanormal.com. Homespun Haints listeners who love our horror podcast for our classic ghost stories simply must listen to their episodes, posted at https://www.soulsistersparanormal.com/videos.html. Also, check out the Soul Sisters Facebook page at facebook.com/soulsistersparanormal for new episodes and written stories about their strange paranormal experiences.

An Update Since This Episode Aired

Since this episode aired, Kristy and Miranda have started leading history tours and overnight paranormal investigations at the historic Scott County Jail We interviewed Kristy again in 2024, about the history of Rugby; the haunted Victorian village in East Tennessee. The ghost town is kept up basically the same way it was when built in the late 1800’s, with the addition of paved roads and electricity, of course (and the recent addition of huge, high-up scratch marks made by mysterious creatures). We got to explore Rugby on our visit in Spring 2004, and had more than one encounter of our own.

But in this weekly podcast episode, we hear true stories specifically about the following haunted places and locations in Florida and Tennessee.

Ghost Stories about Haunted Houses: The Ma Barker House

If you listen to true crime genre podcasts, you’re surely familiar with the story of Ma (Kate) Barker. Did you know, however, that the Ma Barker House is one of the most infamous haunted houses in Florida? Located in Ocklawaha, Florida, it is the scene of a real life horror story from history.

The dark event became one of the most famous shootouts that ever happened in FBI history. On January 16, 1935, FBI agents surrounded the house where Ma Barker and her son Fred were hiding out. After a lengthy gun battle, both Ma Barker and Fred were shot to death.

The Paranormal Investigation of Ma Barker’s House

Kristy’s team went to investigate this haunted location where true crime history intersects with classic ghost stories. They even did their ghost hunt on the anniversary of the deadly shootout. Ma Barker fans must listen to the video episode of the same name on their site at soulsistersparanormal.com/bradford—ma-barker-house.html. You’ll discover that they captured some very strange footage.

In addition, Kristy volunteers at this haunted location during the day. She has plenty of horror stories about strange things visitors have witnessed while on her tours.

The Gilchrist County Jail

Kristy next tells us the story of her investigation of the Gilchrist County Jail with friend Miranda. Also in Florida, it operated from 1928-1968, after which it was abandoned. One of its most persistent urban legends is the ghost story of an inmate whose death remains a mystery. Another ghost story involves the apparition of a woman believed to be the ghost of a jail matron who was known for her harsh treatment of prisoners in life.

Ghost Stories from a Haunted Jail

You can watch the entire ghost hunt video below. The current owners offer guided ghost tours around Halloween, allowing visitors to explore the old jail and learn the truth about its dark history.

The Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

The Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Last up for storytelling in this episode, we hear a tale about another haunted jail. Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee saw numerous violent deaths on the property, potentially responsible for the many horror stories of paranormal events there.

Prison Ghost Stories

According to the classic ghost story about Brushy, certain areas of the prison are particularly haunted. Those who were inmates in life still haunt the solitary confinement cells, the chapel, and the hospital wing. One of the most famous ghosts at Brushy is that of James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Stream the paranormal podcast video episodes below for the whole story.

Some paranormal investigation equipment

What is a REM pod?

As much as it sounds like a sci-fi sleep study, a REM pod is actually a pretty interesting piece of equipment that the Soul Sisters Paranormal Team gets a lot of use out of. It’s basically a theremin designed to be operated by ghosts! The device emits noise and flashing lights when something disturbs the field around it, and should theoretically work for unseen entities that influence electromagnetic fields.

What is a trigger item?

Paranormal Investigation Equipment

Modern ghost hunting includes some of the most strange equipment in the world. Kristy had to explain these items to us between ghost stories.

What is a REM pod?

As much as it sounds like a strange sci-fi sleep study, a REM pod is actually a pretty interesting piece of equipment. The Soul Sisters Paranormal Team get a lot of use out of theirs. The device emits noise and flashing lights when something disturbs the field around it. It should theoretically work for unseen supernatural entities that influence electromagnetic fields. It’s basically a theremin designed for ghosts to play! Now that’s our genre of horror music.

What is a Trigger Item?

What in the world is a trigger item in paranormal investigation, you ask? When a familiar object is used to entice a supernatural entity to interact, that object is called a trigger item. For child ghosts, it could be a toy. At a jail, it’s more likely to be a blade. There’s a product you can purchase for that, of course. Check out this cute guy (it’s not a Furby).

Do You Have a Ghost Story? Come on the Podcast!

Do you have true tales to tell about the supernatural, and want to try your hand at horror storytelling? Why not apply here to be a guest on one of the next episodes of Homespun Haints podcast, so the world can listen to your ghost story? Our storytelling podcast offers you the best opportunity to share your supernatural tales on one of our episodes, from classic ghost stories, to strange conspiracy theories about vampires in cemeteries, and any other true paranormal stories that will strike horror into the dark hearts of our podcast listeners!

That’s all for this ghost podcast interview podcast episode Until the next episode, have a spooky day!