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Welcome to the Homespun Haints podcast, where we try to put together the best paranormal podcast episodes by interviewing guests who’ve seen ghosts! In this interview, one of our best paranormal podcast episodes from early days, a ghost hunter who is part of an all-women investigative team talks about some of the ghosts she has caught on camera, on voice recorder, and seen and felt first-hand in the haunted American locations she’s explored.

Episode Summary

We talk to Kristy Sumner, of Soul Sisters Paranormal, about some of the places she’s investigated.

About Kristy Sumner

You can find out more about Kristy’s team on their website at soulsistersparanormal.com. She works with Ghost Biker Miranda, who told us about the phantom monk of Tennessee. Also, be sure to check out the Soul Sisters Facebook page at facebook.com/soulsistersparanormal.

In this episode, we hear specifically about the following haunted places and locations.

Since this episode aired, Kristy has started leading overnight investigations at the historic Scott County Jail, which Becky took part in. We interviewed Kristy again in 2024, about Rugby; the haunted Victorian village in East Tennessee.

The Ma Barker House

The Ma Barker House is located in Ocklawaha, Florida, and it is the scene of a deadly shootout between the Barker-Karpis Gang and the FBI. Kristy’s team went to investigate this location on the anniversary of the shootout, and captured some very spooky footage (check it out on their site at soulsistersparanormal.com/bradford—ma-barker-house.html).

In addition, Kristy volunteers at this location during the day, and knows of some creepy things visitors have witnessed while on her tours.

The Gilchrist County Jail

Also in Florida, Kristy tells of her investigation with friend Miranda of the haunted Gilchrist County Jail. You can watch the entire video below.

The Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Last on the list of stories told, we hear about another haunted jail, this time in Tennessee. Stream the paranormal podcast videos below.

Some paranormal investigation equipment

What is a REM pod?

As much as it sounds like a sci-fi sleep study, a REM pod is actually a pretty interesting piece of equipment that the Soul Sisters Paranormal Team gets a lot of use out of. It’s basically a theremin designed to be operated by ghosts! The device emits noise and flashing lights when something disturbs the field around it, and should theoretically work for unseen entities that influence electromagnetic fields.

What is a trigger item?

What is a trigger item in paranormal investigation, you ask? When a familiar object is used to entice an entity to interact. There’s a product you can purchase for that, of course. Check out this cute guy (it’s not a Furby).

That’s all for this ghost podcast interview. Until next time, have a spooky day!