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Welcome to Homespun Haints, the podcast where guests tell us about the true ghost stories they’ve experienced! On today’s episode, we speak with another podcaster who got more than she bargained for when she rented a building with a tragic past.

True Ghost Stories from Chicago

Running a business is tough. So much of it is about survival, testing what we’re made of, and having the wherewithal to just keep going forward and try new things until we finally get it right. Of course, running a business in a haunted location makes all of that even harder. Andrea’s story of doing just that will send chills down your spine. Click on the sound player above to listen.

About Andrea Klunder

Andrea Klunder is a podcast producer, editor, consultant, and speaker. She also is the host and producer of the podcasts The Creative Impostor and Podcast Envy. You can find links to both podcasts, as well as contact information for Andrea, on her website thecreativeimpostor.com.

Also, be sure to follow Andrea on Instagram @thecreativeimpostor for podcasting tips and episode information.

True Ghost Stories
Andrea Klunder, podcast producer, editor, consultant, speaker, and host of The Creative Impostor and Podcast Envy podcasts

Episode Show Notes

The Alley of Death and Mutilation

Chicago is no stranger to infrastructure tragedy. We open our episode with discussion of the fire of the Iroquois Theater in December of 1903, where over 600 people perished either in the flames that engulfed the theater, or in the adjacent alley where many of the theater-goes dove to their death. The tragedy claimed the lives of children, teachers, and parents who attended the fateful matinee performance of the musical comedy, Mr. Bluebeard. It also caused major revisions in fire codes and building standards which are still adhered to today.

Learn more about the fire, and how everything went wrong in this “fireproof” theater on that fateful day.

The 2003 Chicago Porch Collapse

One hundred years after the fire at the Iroquois Theater, another tragedy claimed the lives of twelve twenty-somethings enjoying the first warm day of summer at an apartment party in Lincoln Park, an upscale neighborhood in Chicago. The back deck of the upper floor apartment, crowded with dozens of people, collapsed onto the porch below, which was also crowded with people.

You can read first-hand accounts of survivors and witnesses on this archived article. Ten years later, witnesses still remembered the tragedy in this CBS article. And, be sure you listen to the episode above to learn about what happened to Andrea when she moved into that same building, seven years later.

Can spirits become confused? Or stuck?

We think so, but don’t take our word for it. Check out this medium on YouTube who has some detailed explanations for why this might happen. Also, you can read about the Tibetan Book of the Dead that Andrea references in the episode.

Until next time, have a spooky day!