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Children are more sensitive to other-worldly presences than adults. So, when Ludovic and his mother moved into a new place in LA, Ludovic could feel the unseen evil in their new home while his mother could not. 

Would his mother believe him? Or what that boy have to grow up feeling all alone with the darkness. And how would the darkness twist his mind?

Episode Show Notes

What is esoteric Judaism?

This episode makes the distinction between Judaism, at its core, and offshoots of Jewish mysticism such as Kabbala.

Many outside of the Jewish faith are fascinated by kabbalistic teachings and imagery; however, many within the faith would argue that true Kabbala cannot be understood, nor should it be practiced, by those without a strong foundation in Jewish teachings. After all, as we learned in Episode 18: Dennis the Demon and the Meth Gators, dabbling in faith-based rituals without proper context can have unforeseen consequences.

If you’d like an in-depth analysis of Kabbala inside—and outside—of Judaism, check out this great article on High Profile Kabbala from Hadassah magazine.

In the meantime, to learn more about cleansing concepts within the core of Judaism, Encyclopedia Judaica has an in-depth article about ablution.

Jewish Horror

With so many classic horror film tropes pulling from Christian (specifically Catholic) origins, it’s easy to forget that Judaism has its own traditions revolving demonic evil, and how to protect against it.

You may be familiar with the Golem, a being created from clay and brought to life through ritual and prayer to protect its creator. Modern Golems appearing in film and television, such as in The X-Files, Supernatural, and The Simpsons, often show this creature as something horrific and dangerous; the protagonist is tasked with trying to kill or destroy the Golem before the creature wrecks havoc on the world. In fact, the 2018 Israeli film The Golem explores this theme delightfully. For a great article on how the film connects to the roots of Jewish horror, check out this well-written article in Tablet.

About our guest, Ludovic

Our guest this episode, Ludovic Vuillier, is CEO of The Good Life Manifesto, a company dedicated to helping its clients live the best life they can through actionable processes. Learn more at thegoodlifemanifesto.com

Thanks again for spending time with us! Until next time, have a spooky day!