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What does it mean to be a little girl with “the Gift?” Would she have parents who were understanding when she was afraid to be alone in her room with the ghosts of a bunch of drunken tavern-goers? Would her friends be understanding when she couldn’t walk through a street once piled nine-high with bodies of yellow fever victims? 

Today we have a chat with Beth, who manages to tell her strange stories with a delightful mix of humor and horror.

Episode Summary

Running a podcast out of a haunted building can be a bit tricky at times, especially when the haints start messing with the internet. Luckily, someone in our office left some palo santo, which I used with verve to clear out all the nasties. Once the spirits left, the internet connection stabilized.

Next, we spoke with Beth, a minister’s daughter born with her family’s hereditary ability to see and sense spirits. Beth told us about living in the parsonage next to an old cemetery, and all the strange shells of the dead who bothered her from time to time. Strange men walked through the halls, an early 19th-century woman floated by her bedroom window, and a back door periodically shook as if someone unseen were trying to open it. And that’s just the beginning.

Beth recounted other spooky experiences that continued to happen to her throughout adulthood, in Richmond, New Orleans, Eureka Springs, and in Michigan. She wouldn’t tell us too much about her current home, however, because she didn’t want to disturb the spirits residing in her house. We did record this interview at night, after all.

Episode Show Notes

The row houses of Richmond Virginia

Beth’s roommates were real assholes by not telling her of the history of the row house they all rented together in Richmond. One shared experience, however, and they all bolted from that abode.

Richmond is an incredibly historic (and haunted) city, and the row houses are no exception. If you aren’t familiar with the architecture of Richmond, here are some beautiful photos of the Fan District of Richmond, showcasing some gorgeous Edwardian row house architecture.

Also, what the hell is a vegan punk?

The absurdly haunted Le Richelieu hotel

Even if you haven’t listened to the episode yet, you’ve probably heard of the Le Richelieu – a haunted building. It’s stupid haunted. But, then again, so is all of New Orleans. Which is probably why Beth noted the uneasy feelings coming from the convent next to the hotel.

Then again, that particular convent is special. Stories abound. The St. Ursuline nuns of this particular convent housed the newly-arrived, sickly-looking girls and their casket-shaped luggage until they could be married off. The nuns housed the girls on the third floor, and nailed the shutters closed from the outside. With nails blessed by the Pope himself. If you haven’t heard the story of this particular convent and its strange inhabitants, you’ve probably already made the connection with vampires.

There’s so much more to this episode, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise. So listen in!

Until next time, have a spooky day!