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We all assume ghosts and spirits, being non-corporeal, should be able to move through solid objects, like walls. But what about liquids? At first, the answer seems simple; of course ghosts can move through water. But how? We corporeal humans can move through water, but we don’t actually occupy the same space as the water when we do; we displace the water. The liquid flows around us, parting to let us through. But if ghosts don’t displace matter when moving through solid objects, they must not displace water as they move through it. This thought suggests the link between ghosts and water is intrinsic. But do ghosts actually use water as a conduit?

One theory posits that water amplifies spiritual energy. Water can have an impact on human behavior and emotion, in both normal and paranormal contexts. This same spiritual amplification makes it easier for ghosts and spirits to travel through liquid than solid objects, or even air. But instead of moving through he liquid by displacing molecules, ghosts may travel through water similar to the way electricity does. Many people believe that ghosts can use water as a conduit to interact with the living world. From lakes and oceans, to swimming pools and hot tubs, there have been countless cases of ghosts communicating with people through water.

crystal ball against still water at sunset
Water is a medium between physical and spiritual worlds. Photo by Nicole Avagliano on Unsplash

Because water is a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds, it is quite possible that ghosts use water as a conduit for manifestation. The theory suggests that by using the energy found within water, ghosts are able to create an environment where they can interact with the living world. Paranormal television shows and movies often depict water as being a source of ghostly activity.

For example, since ancient times, many cultures have believed that drowning victims become ghostly guardians who protect their surrounding waters from evil forces. Several cultures have practiced the intentional sacrifice of a living being at the construction of bridges. This construction sacrifice is believed to create a perpetual protector.

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Do ghosts use water as a conduit for manifestation?

When it comes to ghosts using water as a conduit for manifestation, there are a couple of theories. Here are two of them. One theory suggests that when ghosts come into contact with large bodies of water, such as lakes or oceans, they are able to draw on the energy from those waters and use it to manifest themselves on earth. The other theory proposes that when spirits come into contact with smaller bodies of water like streams or rivers, they are able to draw on their own energy. This allows the ghost to create an environment where they can interact with the living world without drawing too much attention. 

In addition to providing a medium for ghostly manifestations, water also plays an important role when it comes to humidity and temperature levels in an area. When there is an increase in humidity or temperature levels in an area due to high levels of moisture in the air (such as near a river or lake), it can lead to increased paranormal activity. Sightings of apparitions or cold spots may be more common in humid areas. This could be because higher humidity makes it easier for spirits and other supernatural entities to manifest physically on earth. The ghosts are using the water vapor suspended in the air as a conduit.

Are there any famous places that are haunted because of water?

The Bermuda Triangle is perhaps one of the best-known examples of a paranormal phenomenon related to water. This area of ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico is notorious for its mysterious disappearances. Many planes and hundreds of ships have vanished without a trace there over the years. The disappearances have been attributed to everything from alien abductions to supernatural forces. Some believe that underwater geologic activity—such as powerful methane gas bubbles or unexpected currents—could be responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. And yet, there’s a strong air of paranormal mystery and fear surrounding the unexplained occurrences in the area.

Perhaps because of its vastness, the Earths oceans serve as hiding places for several mythical lands. One of the most famous supernatural places is the Lost City of Atlantis. Thought to be an ancient civilization with inexplicably complex technology, Atlantis purportedly disappeared beneath the sea, and yet still exists and flourishes today. Atlanteans may be normal humans, surviving underwater all this time because of (alien?) technology.

Some say they were chosen by a deity to survive bad times within a protective underwater environment. Perhaps they used their advanced technology to evolve somehow into something that’s no longer quite human. Or perhaps Atlantians were a cross-breed of humans and…insert your favorite paranormal entity here. Does their being not quite human, plus believed in by many yet never quite proven to exist, qualify Atlanteans as cryptids? Or are they a supernatural race that’s not quite corporeal, like elves? Either way, they’re not the only underwater-dwelling paranormal entities.

Water and paranormal entities

The Loch Ness Monster is probably the most famous paranormal entity that involves water in the Western world. One popular theory suggests that Nessie is a prehistoric creature that somehow survived extinction. It’s actually possible for a prehistoric species to survive an extinction event by hiding underwater. Others attribute her to something more otherworldly. And, of course, many claim she’s just a hoax. Most of the theories revolving around Nessie imply she’s an actual physical being, and not a spirit.

There are many more supernatural entities associated with water in Eastern mythology, both corporeal and non-corporeal in nature.

Many of the creatures living deep in the ocean just feel paranormal or alien to us humans. We might associate deep water with the paranormal simply because it’s just so foreign to us land-dwellers. But is there something special about water in general that allows supernatural creatures to flourish?

How does water help spirits manifest?

Static electricity increases when salt or other substances are added to water. This is due to the electrical current generated by ions in the water. The ions may also create an environment conducive to carrying spiritual energy from one place to another. It would thus make sense to assume that salt water is, on average, more haunted than fresh water. But on the other hand, bodies of freshwater tend to be much smaller than the vast saltwater oceans. It’s possible humans experience more freshwater hauntings than saltwater hauntings simply because we have interactions with a higher percentage of bodies of freshwater. There may be many hauntings deep in the ocean we’ve yet to experience.

Scientific studies have shown that bodies of water contain higher concentrations of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than the surrounding air and land. We’ve covered in the past how ghosts may use EMFs to manifest or communicate with the living. The high EMFs of large bodies of water could explain why so many people report paranormal activity near lakes, rivers and oceans. Many people have reported seeing apparitions rising out of the ocean or lake just before dawn or at dusk – times when EMF levels are at their highest.

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These experiences are not limited to natural or large bodies of water. There are also numerous reports of supernatural experiences in bathtubs! Some people claim they have seen entities emerge from bathwater during deep meditation sessions—an experience which further suggests that EMFs play a role in connecting us with the spirit world. 

Do ghosts use water to travel?

It seems clear that water plays an important role in paranormal activity and ghostly manifestations. By understanding how spirits use water as a conduit for interaction with our world, we can better understand how they manifest themselves in our lives and how we can better protect ourselves from unwanted encounters with them. All things considered, it seems likely that paranormal entities may indeed make use of our vast waterways as a way to move freely between different locations across the globe without being detected by humans—if only we could figure out how they do it!

Our guests have had some theories, based on their first-hand experiences with the paranormal having to do with water. Listen to some of these spooky water-related ghost stories to inspire some thoughts on how ghosts and paranormal entities interact with water.

After you listen, please comment with your theories! We’d love to hear about your thoughts, and if you have any personal supernatural water stories, please consider telling them on our show! That way we can all have a spooky day.


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