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If you like podcasts about strange and funny ghost stories, you’re going to enjoy this interview with Rory and Kit of This Paranormal Life. The two podcast hosts tell us some of the strangest true ghost stories they’ve shared on their show. Then, they give us insight about how they pull off their strange brand of paranormal comedy. We think it all started in Irish History class, where they learned to take the local cryptids seriously.

Listen to the full episode:

About our guests: This Paranormal Life

Rory and Kit are childhood friends who take turns researching strange paranormal phenomena, and then try to convince one another that their researched story is true. You can find their podcast at thisparanormallife.com.

Rory Powers (right) & Kit Grier Mulvenna (left) of This Paranormal Life tell us strange ghost stories and funny Irish cryptid stories
Rory Powers (right) & Kit Grier Mulvenna (left) of This Paranormal Life

We ask the hosts some of their favorite stories, and they regaled us with tales of the White Lady of Union Cemetery in Easton Connecticut, the Kuchisake-onna (or slit-mouthed woman) of Japan, and the Jikininki, also from Japan.

When Rory asked us about one of our favorite ghost stories, we told them the story of the hellhound at Rotherwood Mansion.

This Paranormal Life‘s upcoming tour

Rory and Kit will be touring the U.S. in October of 2023! Check out their schedule here and be sure to grab tickets if you’re near one of the cities they’ll be visiting!

Love discussions of Irish cryptids and folklore?

In this interview, we discuss how the E.U. recently made leprechauns a protected species, and the other Irish cryptids Rory and Kit learned about in grade school. Like This Paranormal Life, we ourselves have heard stories about banshees, skunkapes, and bigfoot from our podcast’s guests. We also love hearing about cryptids in Scottish lakes and the chupacabra in Mexico and parts of the U.S. And we can’t wait to hear more strange Irish ghost stories and Irish cryptid stories, which can’t help but lead to a spooky day!