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Ready to hear about the ghosts at LaLaurie Mansion? A few weeks ago, I talked about the gruesome history of the LaLaurie Mansion (be sure to read that if you haven’t already). Nor surprisingly, this place is haunted AF. Settle in, kids. Let’s share some ghost stories.

Delphine and Louis LaLaurie

Alrighty, so contemporary accounts may have exaggerated the gruesome events taking place at the LaLaurie mansion, but regardless I think we can all agree that the LaLaurie’s sound like some bad mofos. While we might never know the actual truth of the history, I can tell you definitively that there are ghosts at LaLaurie mansion in New Orleans mansion.

LaLaurie Mansion Ghosts
Delphine LaLaurie

The Ghosts at LaLaurie Mansion

People have heard moans, groans and even shrieks while inside the mansion. Some have described hearing the dragging of chains and scratching from the walls. Over the last few decades there have been multiple reports of people seeing a woman with long, red hair glaring at them in various parts of the mansion. (Did I mention Delphine was a redhead?)

In the 1870s, the mansion was converted into apartments, mostly occupied by immigrant dock workers and their families. While many children reported hearing and seeing all kinds of paranormal activity, the adults dismissed their stories, because children do have active imaginations after all. imaginations. But that all changed late one evening when one of the dock workers came home and found a large African American man in chains blocking a stairway. The dock worker demanded he move out of the way, but the large man didn’t respond. When the dock worker went to push him out of the way, his hands went right through the large man and then he dissolved into a cold mist. Freaked out by his paranormal encounter, the dock worker spread the word that ghosts haunted the building.

In the late 19th century, the building was once again converted, this time into an all-girls school. Students often reported experiencing strange physical assaults like pinching, hitting or scratching. When a teacher would ask them who their assailant was, the poor girls would always answer “that woman” while showing their bruises or scratches. I wonder if any of them described “that woman” as having long, red hair?

A cursed building?

Many people have bought and sold the LaLaurie mansion over the years, and each one of them seems to come into a string of bad luck. Some of them have experienced financial ruin. For others, it has been health issues or even insanity. The house has spared not one owner from these misfortunes. So best of luck to the current owner. It sure sounds like they’re gonna need it!