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A professional paranormal investigator knows to be careful around dangerous ghosts. Because ghosts can follow you home. They can mess with your vital equipment. They can even possess you. And all of those things have happened on paranormal investigator Erin Egnatz’s watch. Listen to her story below.

Episode Summary

You’ve probably been told that ghosts can’t hurt you. Is that really true?

Erin has lived a pretty haunted life. What would you do if you encountered multiple supernatural entities—from the battlefields of Gettysburg to dark and cold cemeteries? If you were Erin, you’d turn it into a lifelong hobby and career as a paranormal investigator! The many terrifying stories she recounts in this episode were about enough to scare us away from ghost hunting, but they only made Erin curious to investigate more!

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Episode Show Notes

About Erin Egnatz, Paranormal Investigator

Erin is a paranormal investigator who will not be deterred, no matter how scary her investigations get! You can find her blog and videos on her ghost hunts at hauntingsaroundamerica.com. Then, check out Erin’s books, including Hauntings Around America, available on Amazon. Finally, follow her on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with her upcoming investigations.

Erin Egnatz, paranormal investigator
Our guest Erin Egnatz of Hauntings Around America.

How to Use Crystals for Protection from Dangerous Ghosts

Erin never visits any haunted place without a layer of protection from her favorite crystals. Two of the stones she showed us during the interview included selenite, a crystalline form of gypsum, and smoky quartz, a clouded version of the popular watch component.

Does Selenite protect you from ghosts?

Have you considered using crystals as protection from dangerous paranormal entities? Check out medium Dixie Tantardini’s guide to spiritual protection. In this article, Tantardini says that selenite “cleanses/purifies, invites guides to be present to support your efforts, provides spiritual insights, clarifies situations, promotes access to past and future lives.”

Can smoky quartz protect paranormal investigators from harm?

Caroline Lucas of meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com states that smoky quartz can improve your survival instinct and ground you in the physical world, while also banishing negative energy and heightening insight.

Using crystals for spiritual protection is getting quite mainstream nowadays. For instance, even big popular publications Bustle and Refinery29 suggest using selenite for protection from potentially dangerous hauntings and bringing smoky quartz along on a paranormal investigation.

Erin gets her personal protection crystals from The Crystal Lady of Crown Point, IN.

John Dillinger’s Escape from the Crown Point Jail

Have you heard of how John Dillinger escaped prison? It involves a classic escape plan, involving whittling a fake gun. Sounds pretty Looney Tunes now, but apparently there was a time when this was highly effective. This dangerous haunted jail is just one of many that this intrepid paranormal investigator has hunted ghosts at.

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