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On this episode of our strange paranormal podcast, Shane from Dark Notes Podcast shares a bizarre true story about witnessing a unique paranormal event on Christmas Eve, and it turns out he’s not the only one who saw it! Just how close are we to the monsters that live just on the other side of this dimension, and what are some of the ways they reach out to us?

Episode Summary

Do you believe in fairies? What do you think they look like? What do they sound like? If you saw one while you were driving down the road, would you stop to say hi?

Shane is obsessed with cryptids, fae, and UFOs because he has encountered so many strange unexplainable phenomena in his lifetime. He shares several stories of ghosts and fairies. It’s up to you to decide what it is he saw on Christmas Eve outside of Asheville, NC.

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A Strange Paranormal Podcast

About Our Guest Shane

Our guest today has become used to the high strange. In fact, he himself has a strange paranormal podcast devoted to the unexplainable happening around us all the time. Because he himself has seen some things that will give you pause. Shane co-hosts Dark Notes, a podcast about music, horror, and high strangeness, with his friend Lisa. Check out Shane’s podcast Dark Notes on Spotify and YouTube. You can also follow him on Instagram @ufobigfoot.

Shane of the Dark Notes Podcast

The 12 Orbs of Christmas

On Christmas Eve, 2014, Shane was in the process of moving to Asheville, North Carolina. Passing through the little town of Hickory, NC, he witnessed a mystical ballet of orbs by the side of the road. When he went online to report the event, he learned that he wasn’t the only one to witness the phenomenon.

Becky’s interpretation of the orbs Shane saw

What do you think these orbs could be? Were they really communicating with Shane? Also, why do sightings of inexplicable lights seem to correlate with sightings of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot sighting similarities

I guess the term “unidentified flying objects” applies to orbs, when speaking generally. But Shane definitely felt like the orbs he encountered were not extraterrestrial in origin. There are however plenty of accounts where Bigfoot sightings coincide with sightings of orbs and/or UFOs. And perhaps at least one sighting of Bigfoot wearing a belt?

Anomalous Music

Shane also mentions hearing music that “wasn’t there.” As a musician, he is usually pretty good about picking out individual instruments within a composition. But in this case, the tune was an un-replicable musical phenomenon that existed only within Shane’s mind, for only an hour, only once. Like Tartini‘s dream score, the magic of the tune may have existed within its inability to be heard with physical ears.

Hopefully you’re not stressed enough to be haunted!

It is interesting to note that the standout supernatural experiences in Shane’s life occurred during periods of intense emotional turmoil. And he isn’t our only guest to draw this correlation. If you’ve had a ghostly experience, do you feel like tension in your life may have had something to do with manifesting it? Are you more likely to see a ghost when you’re stressed? Join the conversation on our FB group and let us know your opinions and experiences.

And until next time, have a spooky day!