Katharine’s parent’s house is haunted by a mischieveous little girl, her grandpa, and…legs?! What’s the meaning of this strange half-body apparition? And why is it chasing her?!

Episode Summary: Chased by a Half-Body Apparition and Spied on by a Pervert Ghost

A house doesn’t have to be old to be haunted. Sometimes, the most inexplicable hauntings happen in the strangest places. Like your front yard. Or your television set.

Our guest today has terrifying stories of some of the strangest ghosts we’ve ever heard of. Do you have a theory for who these ghosts are, and where they came from? Listen to Katharine’s stories, today on Homespun Haints.

About the Guest: Katharine

Once upon a time, Katharine of Livermore, CA, made an innocent comment on one of our Patreon posts. Next thing you know, she’s on the show! Will you be next? If something paranormal, supernatural, or completely unexplainable has happened to you, why not tell your story on our next episode?

Katharine was a Kreepy kid (with a capital K). She didn’t hesitate to ask her parents if someone had died in their new house as soon as she’d she set foot on the property. The only way she could escape a long rash of haunted homes was to move in next door to a funeral home and 2 cemeteries. Oddly, that worked.

Thank you for telling us your stories, Katharine! Hopefully you can find a peaceful place to live soon. Or at least get a good deal on your next haunted apartment. And thank you for being out patron and helping to support our show!

Another half-body apparition

Some of our guests see apparitions. Apparitions are basically ghostly figures made visible, but not necessarily audible, touchable, or smellable. But some of our guests see an apparition that is only part of the full person they would expect to see. We’ve gathered that the industry term for that is a half-body apparition.

Harken back to the half-body apparitions in some of our best paranormal podcast episodes: green foot, Mr. Boots, and Daryl Marston’s story.

What is a half-body apparition?

It feels hard to define a half-body apparition. For example, if you see the ghost of a person who, in life, had no legs, and the ghost appears accordingly…that would be a full-body apparition, right? The best way we can think of it would be an apparition that’s obviously not all there. Perhaps it results from ghosts not having enough energy to truly manifest.

Another thing we never thought to wonder before we started collecting people’s true ghost stories for this podcast is, which half? You’d imagine any ghost bothering to create a half-body apparition would be manifesting the important parts. You’d expect a face for showing identity and expressions, and for communication. Hands would be another good body part to manifest if you’re a lazy ghost; good for communicating, gesturing, and potentially manipulating things, if you’re a poltergeist.

And a half-body apparition cut vertically down the center of the body, well, that’s just illogical. Plus, if you saw only the left half of a human, you’d probably just assume the other half was in shadow, or on the other side of a door frame. So you might not even think of the apparition as half-body.

And yet, about half the time, a half-body apparition seems to be of a body part that’s, well, a little less logical. Why do you think a ghost would choose to manifest as a pair of legs, or just a foot? Kinda makes it seem like it might not be a choice. Maybe they got stuck in their necropants?

Ghost in the machine

Katharine’s grandpa’s old cathode tube TV seems to be haunted, specifically by her grandpa. It turns off and on by itself. Whereas we know Grandpa hitchhiked in on this TV because her family actually sees an apparition of her grandpa wandering around a house they didn’t move into until after his death.

But in most cases, bizarre paranormal experiences related to advanced technology have nothing to do with the supernatural. Technology is just glitchy by nature. In the beginning of this episode, Becky details how being married to an IT skeptic has ruined the magic of supernatural synchronicities related to tech for her.

Market rate? For this haunted-ass apartment?!

2 bd/1 ba in Central Valley; Lots of ghosts, but hey, free laundry!

Becky thinks putting up with a ghost should come with some subsidized rent. Especially if those pervy ghosts tend to peep in on your showers. But we suppose that, for some people, having a haunting in their apartment might be an added amenity. If you were applying for a rental home that you found out was haunted, would you expect a discount, or would you bid above asking? I suppose it depends on if you want to have a spooky day!