Historic buildings certainly have their charm. Aficionados of these older homes can often expect charming architectural details, interesting nooks and crannies, haunted attics, and angry ghosts.

Our guest today seems to keep finding herself living, visiting, or working in haunted locations, though that was never her intention. But one place in particular still gives her chills. 

Episode Show Notes

About Dr. Dolma and Shine Wellness

Our guest this episode is Dr. Sonam Dolma. Dr. Dolma’s chiropractic practice, Shine Wellness (ShineRoswellGA.com), sits a few doors down from Becky’s office in a lovely historic building near downtown Roswell, Georgia. Be sure to give a shout out to Shine Wellness on the practice’s Facebook or Instagram.

Living (or working) near a cemetery

This episode is recorded in the building Becky and Dr. Dolma share, a block away from a haunted historic cemetery. Becky’s mother-in-law always tells her never buy a property near a cemetery because it makes it very hard to resell. But, other than the creep factor, is there a genuine reason why you wouldn’t want to live—or work—near tombstones?

Different cultures react differently to the idea of living near a cemetery, from those who consider it bad for resale to those who harbor deep spiritual objections. However, as this Funeral Law Blog article points out, cemeteries are not legally considered a nuisance, and therefore their development cannot be blocked. Perhaps this is why so many of our guests have lived near a cemetery.

Everything hits at once

Our guest tells us of an occurrence where every doorknob in the house started turning at the same time. If that weren’t creepy enough, she points out that, to do something like that, an entity would either have to have incredible psychic strength, or would have to have an incredible number of hands, such as a shoggoth (as found in Cthulu mythology). Or, perhaps it was just an incredible number of ghosts. What do you think?

The Willard Library Ghost Cam

After speaking with Dr. Dolma, we spent way too many hours watching the ghost cams of the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana. Want to try to spot the Lady in Grey yourself? Let us know if you see anything in this or any other haunted library! If you have your own library haunting creepy stories, submit to tell them on the next episode of Homespun Haints.

Until next time, have a spooky day!