Patrick Rule is Becky’s cousin, and an extremely haunted man in his own right. He’s seen the ghost of Florida Man, as well as some other spooky entities.

Listen to “You Know An Urban Legend Is From Florida If It Involves Beer Disappearing at Night” on Spreaker.

Patrick tells us the story of the time he decided to fix up a house in…wait, where the hell is Arcadia, Florida?

A screenshot of the Arcadia, FL tourism site that’s not at all suggestive.

Episode Summary

Remember Becky’s family’s haunted homestead in BFE, FL? Well, it turns out she’s not the only Rule to be haunted there. Remember when you heard Becky talk about the weird octagonal house with the man-eating cows? Did you think “I wish I could live there”? Boy, do you have a treat in store. Because Patrick actually did live there. Specifically while fixing up an 1898 haunted boarding house in Florida….a house full of ghosts waiting in the shadows to push this brave man through the rotting floorboards.

Episode Show Notes

About Patrick Rule, Haunted Florida Man

Patrick has been a YouTuber for longer than us. He co-starred in a web series, My Best Friend, My Butler, a show about an ordinary dude who wins the lotto and, out of sheer generosity, hires his broke friend as his butler. It’s a poignant and tearful look into the strain of the unequal friendship between employer and manservant. Just kidding. It’s a campy sitcom that cleverly harkens back to the short-form cheesy goodness of the ’80s TV shows we grew up on. We love Patrick as a content creator and actor, but he’s better known to Becky as her cousin.

Is it a haunting or a squatter?

Patrick shared his concerns that the voices he hears coming from the woods behind Grandpa’s house might be spirits. Or, they might be a family of vagrants hunkered down in the old rotting automobiles stored out there. To us, the latter sounds like it has the potential to be significantly scarier. How common is it that someone could be squatting on–or even IN–your property without you knowing? Is it possible that those sounds you thought were your house settling might actually be a stranger sleeping in your attic? Here’s a terrifying video and article about times when a house was haunted by the living. Sweet dreams!

Florida Man Visits Haunted Cassadaga; Beer Disappears

Patrick heard a rumor that if you go to the Cassadaga graveyard at night, sit in the Devil’s Chair, and leave a beer out…your beer will disappear. So, like a true Florida man, he thought “what the hell…hold my beer and watch this haunted shit.” Becky and Diana have known many a beer to disappear after sunset in the Sunshine State. In fact, it’s pretty obvious that this particular urban legend arose simply because the first Florida Man to try it simply didn’t have a buddy to hold his beer.

Until next time, have a spooky day!