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Emily has a funny demeanor, an open and caring attitude, and some stories that will scare the shit out of you. From her encounters with screams in a cemetery to being locked in a haunted bell tower, these are some stories that would make anyone’s skin crawl. But, of course, no one can tell them better than Emily, so please have a listen by clicking on the audio player below to hear her true ghost stories!

About Emily Dexter

Emily Dexter is a medium who has communicated with the spirit world for as long as she can remember. She’s also a metaphysical coach, an author, and a podcaster. And, she hosts the podcast The Alchemist’s Inkwell.

Find more about Emily’s books and coaching services by checking out her website at EmilyDexterAuthor.com or FB page @IntuitiveMagick, or follow her on Instagram @LikerOfWords.

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Episode Show Notes

Donner Pass

Emily opens her stories by talking of some haunted cabins near Donner Pass. This iconic, extremely haunted area is the site where the film Misery was shot. Of course, it’s also named Donner Pass for a reason. This is the place where the infamous Donner Party became stranded in 1846 and resorted to cannibalism to survive.

Virginia City, Nevada

An old mining town, and haunted AF, Virginia City also boasts a very haunted cemetery. Emily tells of how some of those interred souls became angry with her when she couldn’t improve their situation. There are stories from others that back up what Emily experienced.

Of course, there’s also the haunted school house. The Fourth Ward School is now a museum. Worn impressions of little shoes on the schoolroom’s floor aren’t the only things that remind visitors of children from the past. If you’re interested in visiting, you can check out the museum’s official page here.

Noisome Spirits: Good or Bad?

How do you know if you have a Poltergeist, a haunting, or just an overzealous physical spirit guide like Emily’s guide Hope? Here is some third-party disambiguation info at Xtreme Ghost Hunting, or just contact Emily Davis. She will be able to help you out!

When we record the audio with our guests, we use a video chat format so we can see each other’s faces while we chat. Right after we recorded this episode, Emily mentioned seeing a motherly presence in Diana’s home through the video chat! Where did she see this vision? Her view was of the wall on the north side of the haunted basement stairs, where Diana has always felt a ghostly presence. That corroboration certainly gave Diana a spooky day!


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