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We bet you were expecting this haunting even less than Diana’s basement ghost story…funny thing, so was Becky.

Becky’s Haunted Basement

Diana visited Becky in Atlanta, and slept in her basement. A creepy encounter with a haunted doll, a phantom wave seen through a window, and the sound of a doorknob turning gave her a sense that she wasn’t alone.

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About the Guests, Diana and Becky

Our guests today co-host the podcast Homespun Haints, but you already know that. Every once in a while, we have to tell one of our own ghost stories. For example, we’ve told our own stories about

Does Becky have any more haunted dolls?

Maybe! Check out her current Etsy shop listings. You never know!

What are the odds we’d both have haunted basements?

Or…is it just Diana? We are currently taking bets for when Becky and Diana will have another ghostly experience to talk about. While we keep thinking surely we’ll run out of ghost stories, we always manage to have a spooky day!